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April 5, 2022

One of the biggest Tuscan Independent Hubs of Leather Goods, integrated both in the engineering and production activities, is born

Claudio Delunas, CEO of Idee Partners, comments: "Idee Partners, for 14 years a protagonist of Product Development, continues to grow by doubling its production capacity and becoming one of the most important producers. To be a more and more reliable partners of the best world brands and to meet the issues of production efficiency, sustainability and managerial skills, large dimensions and skills have become necessary. The ability to dedicate specific production lines to single brands is key to meet the strong demand for internal verticalized production, in compliance with quality excellence and timing. The inclusion of RGB, the result of the buyout of Mia Pelletterie managed by Paolo Benedetti, allows the group to add one of the largest and most modern production plants in Italy, increasing managerial capacity and creating important synergies with the Scandicci and Bientina offices.

Very strong engineering skills, top level management team, more than 200 direct people, about 300 thousand bags per year and a turnover expected for 2022, only of RGB, between 9 and 10 million euros: we are ready for new challenges."