Founded in Milan, Italy in 2008 by Claudio Delunas, IDEE PARTNERS - IDEE Consulting srl offers consulting services in commercial, sales and distribution and outsourcing of product design, development and production of Luxury and Fashion Accessories (handbags, shoes, small leather goods). The industrial part of IDEE is specialized in Accessory business and highly focused on Product Development, it is structured vertically, with strong expertise covering the entire value chain of this product category, allowing the complete outsourcing of management and operating costs while integrating customers’ organizations.

Based in Milan and Florence, IDEE PARTNERS, currently partner of some of the finest international brands (from start-ups to the biggest international groups), offers an integrated system of services that create value for brands who want to strengthen their core business and outsource, even individually, each process related to the value chain from design to delivery of finished product.

We believe that key point to produce a success is the perfect matching between product and commercial strategy in order to place the brand in a competitive position into the marketplace.

Each IDEE project team studies the big picture of each customer and help them in brand development strategy, commercial activity in outsourcing (analysis of sales, prospection activity, assistance with the showroom, etc) and merchandising assistance phase, to avoid undue loss of time and effectiveness.

The macro areas covered could be divided as following:

Product and Merchandising:
assistance in collection merchandising, definition of the entry price, highlight of the carry over, analysis for constant models.

analysis of sales for each product category or sub-category, study of the price list, contact existing customers, search for new potential customers, creation and management of the distribution network, commercial support to showrooms / agents and sales follow-up (backoffice).

Brand development strategy:
definition and execution of the strategy.

IDEE can either integrate and assist designers coming directly from the customers or provide Design as one of the services, through a highly experienced internal studio, based in both Milan and Florence offices.

The resident team of designers is composed of professional interpreting creative ideas, guidelines and anticipating market trends with the aim to create value and advance creative customers. Guided by the results of their research style, IDEE is able to generate a wide variety of concepts and ideas from the very first meetings with customers.

IDEE Shoes Department is the other flagship of IDEE PARTNERS system:
our BU has specialized in helping start ups and statement brands to create and project new and innovative collections. All development phases are managed in internal highly specialized Pattern making Dept. and sample room. The manufacturing of prototypes and showroom samples includes making of first shapes, metal hardwares, shoe components (lasts, heels, soles, insoles), upper patterns to the final prototype (and grading patterns for Runway sizes ordered).

The final step of development includes pre-production overview of Industrialization and engineering of the collection (with our internal pattern making dpt).

All product development process is followed up by a dedicated team, lead by one project manager, constantly reporting about timing, costs and issues while arising.

Product development is the flagship of IDEE PARTNERS system: once the creative direction defined in various meetings with customers or just communicated by the customer, patterns are created, volumes and uppers refined, all details and aesthetics proceed with the development of prototypes, through all the necessary technical steps to get to the final prototypes and samples.

All development phases are managed in internal highly specialized Pattern making Dept. and sample rooms, adding additional external partners to provide all the requested capacity during peak times, sharing the same CAD pattern making system.

All product development process is followed up by a dedicated project manager, constantly reporting about timing, costs and issues while arising.

IDEE PARTNERS’ vast experience, constant search, closeness and large access to all the best suppliers of raw materials (leather, textiles, hardware, etc) allow the development of innovative and customized materials and meets the most demanding specifications within the Italian and International standards.

IDEE Production leads projects up to the delivery of production, by regulating the production process with a strong industrialization know-how. Production business unit could work both managing the purchased of raw materials on behalf of our clients and providing only the handcrat manufacture (cutting and mounting) depending on customer needs.

IDEE Production delivers finished goods taking care of quality control on final products before packaging and delivering to the customer distribution centers.


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Headquarter / Design Studio / Commercial Office

Via C. Gomes 7, 20124 Milan (MI)
T. +39 02 5456822

How to reach us:
Metro Caiazzo Linea 2
ATM tram linea 9
Taxi ph. numbers: 02 4040 or 02 6969


Leather Goods / Shoes Offices and Facilities

Via E. Conti, 21, 50018 Scandicci (FI)
T. +39 055 0946967

How to reach us:
Tramvia linea 1, Villa Costanza stop (direct from Train Station SMN)
Taxi ph. number: 055 4390
By car: Autostrada A1 (Milan-Rome), exit Scandicci
  • Head Office Show Room Via C. Gomes 7, 20124 Milano, ITALY

  • Product development Production Via Enrico Conti 21, 50018 Florence (Scandicci), ITALY

  • Sample Room / Facility Via Enrico Conti , 50018 Florence (Scandicci), ITALY